Full stack lead developer

Technical skills


Very good with several professional experiences with Django, Django Rest Framework and a knowledge of asyncio.


Very good with several professional experiences with ReactJS and Redux.


Good with a professional experience with Kubernetes, Helm and managing a production in GCP.


HTML, CSS3, SCSS, git, PostreSQL, Docker, docker-compose

Work experiences

Nov. 2020 – June 2023

Lead developer, Bankstore, Paris

I started as the first developer in the company. I was tasked with extending a good prototype made by a contractor to launch a platform to help individuals get real estate loans in production and building a small tech team to help the company grow. We were at most 3 full stack developers.

To build this platform, we were using Django with its admin website, Django Rest Framework to build all our APIs, PostgreSQL as our database and ReactJS, Typescript and Redux to build our frontend SPA. Our project was hosted in GCP and we used its managed databases, monitoring/logging/alerting and Kubernetes to run the service.

A big part of my work consisted in helping the team achieve their tasks, make sure our code was clean and secure, plan new features and code refactoring with the product team, help develop the platform as well as leverage all our tools to foster fast and clean iterations.

Besides development activities, I was also responsible for all devops tasks so that we could run and deploy the project in production, detect errors or slowdowns and tests our new features.

April 2018 – Oct. 2020

Lead developer, BureauxLocaux, Paris

I continued the development of a listing platform for professional real estates. The site was built with Django with most pages rendered with the Jinja templating engine. We also used small ReactJS apps to help make the listing more dynamic with a list of similar listings, to provide dynamic search or to help the professional create/edit their listings. The site was hosted on Heroku.

As a lead developer, I was managing a team of up to 5 full stack developers (myself included). I was also responsible for code quality and technical evolution of the platform. I also help our data scientists integrate their work so all our users could have estimations of their real estates.

June 2017 – March 2018

Developer, Interencheres, Paris

I was part of the backend team in charge of both developing a new version of the site and maintaining its infrastructure. My tasks involved NodeJS, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch and a bit of AWS.

April 2015 – May 2017

Developer, Ioda Net SÀRL,, Jura Suisse

I started as an intern before I was hired. As a full stack developer, I helped adapt and develop new features on a geomatics website with Python 3 and AngularJS.


2012 – 2015

Graduate School of Engineering, Centrale méditerannée

Theoretical and practical training in various sciences and languages courses. Field of specialization: Information Technologies.


TOEIC, Centrale méditerannée

Score : 970/990

Projets personnels

2014 –

Last run

Web based board game. Started during my studies, I, with the creator of the game, continued to improve it. The API is written in Python 3 and allows real time communication with Websocket and asyncio. The frontend is written in HTML5, SCSS and JavaScript with the Aurelia framework. The result can be seen here : and the source code is available here :

May 2018

Technical review of the book "Hands-On Full Stack Web Development with Aurelia" published by Packt

2014 –

Fedora Linux : package maintainer.

April 2015 – June 2017

IDE Netbeans

I worked on bug fixes and features dealing with autocompletion and RestructuredText.


Fencing, reading, oenology…