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  1. Using DateTimeRangeField in Django

    Tue 06 April 2021

    :tags:Django, Python, PostgreSQL :lang: en

    The basics

    If you need to store a datetime range in Django (for instance from which day to which day a listing is valid), instead of relying on two fields like valid_from and valid_to, you can use a single field validity_range of type DateRangeField …

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  2. Deploy a React app in kuberentes

    I recently deployed a React app in kubernetes. It was initially deployed directly in a public bucket: I have an API that is already hosted on kubernetes, but the app itself is made only of static files, so it made sense. However, requirements for my app changed and I required …

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  3. Enable basic authentication to all pages of a NexJS site

    Sun 28 March 2021 | tags: devops

    Updated 2021-03-30: I fixed the configurations and added some notes to make it works better. With the previous implementation, some problems could occur as explained in the body of the article. Go here to view the changes.

    It's not as obvious at it seems. You can protect your API routes …

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  4. Extra kubectl configmap/secret to .env file

    You can extract data from your kubernetes config maps into a .env file with the commands below (requires you to have jq installed):

    # Get the data in JSON.
    kubectl get configmap my-map --output json |
        # Extract the data section.
        jq '.data' |
        # Replace each "key": "value" pair with "key=value"
        jq -r …
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  5. Small TODO apps

    I recently decided to lean a bit of Haskell for fun and see what the language was like. In this context, I decided to create a small TODO app. Since I also wanted to compare my solution with solutions in other languages, I decided to write the TODO app three …

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