Use the same function as context manager and decorator

Posted on 2022-09-25 in Trucs et astuces • Tagged with Python

I recently learned that context managers created with @contextmanager can be used either as a context manager or a decorator:

from contextlib import contextmanager

def test_context():

with test_context():

def test_decorated():


We will yield …

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React hook to load fonts

Posted on 2022-06-11 in Trucs et astuces • Tagged with JavaScript, React

If you need to load a specific font in a component, you can use this hook. It will return true when the fonts are loaded. It relies on the document.fonts API to load the fonts. If the fonts are already loaded, the promise will be fulfilled immediately and the …

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Exploring a weird HTTP issues

Posted on 2022-05-04 in Programmation

Today I'd like to explain how I tried to solve a weird HTTP issues that I found at work. I hope you will find the method and the trials I used the useful/interesting if/when you will encounter something similar.

The issue was this: I needed to dynamically generate …

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Create test environments in Kubernetes

Posted on 2022-02-20 in Programmation • Tagged with Devops, Kubernetes

Context and possible solutions

If you are working …

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How to avoid CSRF token issues with Django when running on different sub-domains

Posted on 2022-02-13 in Trucs et astuces • Tagged with Python, Django

If you deploy multiple Django websites on your infrastructure on various subdomains, you may get issues about invalid CSRF tokens. This is happening either because:

  • You erase the cookie by using the same domain. For instance, if you have your prod API at and pre-production one at …

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Yarn workspaces and mono repos

Posted on 2022-02-06 in Programmation • Tagged with Devops, JavaScript

I currently work in a small startup with two other developers. We have three projects: an API written in Python with the Django web framework, a big React app and a website written with NextJS. All these project are in the same git repository. This allows us to easily share …

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Shutdown Kubernetes

Posted on 2022-01-30 in Programmation • Tagged with Devops, Kubernetes

It can be a good idea to shutdown part of your infrastructure when you don't need it. It will help you reduce costs and your environmental impact. It is however, not always easy to actually do it.

In this article, I'll talk here about how to shutdown a Kubernetes based …

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Testing the re-frame Clojure frontend framework

Posted on 2022-01-16 in Programmation • Tagged with JavaScript, Clojure

I wanted to test re-frame a Clojure framework for building user interfaces. It is built on top of Reagent a Clojure library to interface with React in ClojureScript. The main goal of this framework is to help you manage the state of your application. To do that, you need to …

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Testing the Svelte JS framework

Posted on 2022-01-03 in Programmation • Tagged with JavaScript

After hearing good things about the Svelte JS framework, I decided to give it a try. To test it, I did something very original: the classic TODO app. You can see a picture of the end result on the screenshot below.

The styled app

Here are my impressions after this tests:

  • Despite using …

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From ZSH to Fish

Posted on 2021-11-07 in Blog

After several years of ZSH with oh-my-zsh, I decided to give fish (Friendly Interactive Shell). I heard and read several good things about it. I also wanted to test starship (a cross shell prompt) easily without messing with my ZSH configuration.

The least I can say is: I'm impressed. Most …

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