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  1. Use dnsmasq with NetworkManager

    Sat 08 September 2018 | tags: linux

    This will, for instance, allow you to redirect all matching domains to a certain server: dnsmasq will intercept the DNS query and return the ip you specified.

    To do this, edit NetworkManager configuration in /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf and add in the main section dns=dnsmasq:


    You …

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  2. VSCode tips

    Sun 02 September 2018 | tags: VSCode




    To use a venv with VSCode, add in the folder settings:

        "python.pythonPath": "~/.virtualenvs/bureauxlocaux--Uxk5jFn/bin/python",
        "python.unitTest.pyTestEnabled": true
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  3. Timeout a function in python

    Sat 02 June 2018 | tags: Python

    You can use signals and a context manager to acheive this. The idea is to register a function that will raise an exeption when the alarm signal is received and schedule the alarm signal for the timeout.

    import signal
    from contextlib import contextmanager
    def timeout(time):
        # Register a function …
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  4. Run multiple docker daemons on the same host

    Today I am going to explain how you can run multiple docker daemons on the same host. This can be useful if you want several users to use docker and want each of them to be isolated from one another (ie don't see images, containers, … of other users). The solution …

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