Plugin for statistics with Piwik on an Aurelia SPA

Posted on 2016-06-05 in Aurelia

On Arena of Titans a game based on the Aurelia web framework I am developing with a friend, we use Piwik to have statistics about our visitors. When we were about to launch the game, I realized that Piwik was not logging all the pages but only the pages on which you entered. It makes perfect sense: navigation on the site is handled by Aurelia which means there is no page load and if there is no page load, Piwik doesn't load the navigation.

To go around this problem, I created a small plugin for Aurelia aurelia-piwik. What it does is straightforward: it register a callback for the router:navigation:success event which is fired by Aurelia's router on successful navigation. In this callback, I use Piwik's API to log the navigation.

You can easily use this plugin once installed by registering it in your main.js:


I must say I am impressed by how easy it was to implement and use. After nearly seven months of Aurelia usage, I am really glad to use this framework. If you haven't checked it out yet, please do!

The source are available under the MIT license on GitHub. The package is also available on npm.