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Connect to a VirtualBox VM

Posted on 2015-11-09 in Trucs et astuces

I recently had to create a server to perform deployment tests for work. This server is a virtual machine created with VirtualBox and runs Fedora 22.

For the tests to be realistic, I had to connect with SSH to the VM. Here is the method I followed:

  1. In File > Preferences > Network, under the Host-only Networks tab, click on the add button. This adapter will be used by the host and the guest to communicate on the same private network.
  2. In the machine settings, go in Network. Activate a new adapter and configure it like this:
    1. Attached to: choose Host-only Adapter
    2. Name should be set automatically on the adapter you previously created. If it is not, set its value manually.

You can now boot the machine. In a terminal, type ip a to get the ip address fo the VM. You can now connect to the VW with SSH and do HTTP requests to you VM server. You should put the ip address in your /tc/hosts to have a easy to remember name and to ease the configuration of your HTTP server.