Writing RSS reading app with various frontend frameworks

Posted on 2023-09-09 in Programmation • Tagged with Web, Javascript, Typescript, React, Angular, Svelte, Vue

During the summer, I decided to test a few frontend framework to see what’s going on in this space and form a better opinions over alternatives to React. I tested Svelte because after hearing from it I felt attracted to it, Vue because it is popular, React to have …

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My opinion on enums in TypeScript

Posted on 2023-08-18 in Programmation • Tagged with TypeScript

Today I'd like to dig a bit on enums in TypeScript and their potential alternatives. For this, I'll be using the playground and TypeScript 5.1.6 (latest released version when I am writing this). I expect you to know what enums are and to be comfortable in TypeScript.

Let's …

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Some cool type tips in TypeScript

Posted on 2023-08-17 in Trucs et astuces • Tagged with TypeScript

Here is an unsorted type tips I find useful in TypeScript. I may update it when I find new ones. Don't hesitate to share yours in the comments!

Another good start, is to read this page from the handbook which list various builtin utility types. If you are really motivated …

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Aurelia Store and Immer

Posted on 2020-08-09 in Aurelia • Tagged with JavaScript, TypeScript, Aurelia, RxJS

I spoke last year of Aurelia store in this article At the time, it wasn't possible to combine Aurelia Store and Immer. The root cause of the issue was fixed in the latest version of Immer (7.0), so we can now combine both.

Let's study how to do this …

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Writing a PWA with Aurelia

Posted on 2019-09-01 in Aurelia • Tagged with JavaScript, TypeScript, Aurelia, Mobile, PWA

I feel like Progressive Web Application (PWA for short) are a more and more popular way to build mobile apps. That's understandable since you can use the same technology you use to build a SPA to build one! So …

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Some thoughts on Aurelia Store

Posted on 2019-08-24 in Aurelia • Tagged with JavaScript, TypeScript, Aurelia, RxJS

On my spare time, I am developing a board game that uses the Aurelia framework. I currently manage the state in a service without any dedicated state management solutions (like RxJS, Aurelia store, Redux, …). And I feel I am reaching to the limit of what I can do with it …

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Issues while writing tests for a component using i18n

Posted on 2019-08-04 in Aurelia • Tagged with JavaScript, TypeScript, Aurelia, i18N

Some time ago, I wanted to add some tests (behavior and render) on an Aurelia component that uses the i18n plugin and more precisely the df attribute in the view to display a localized date.

Since it was a while back (I wanted to write it earlier but couldn't), my …

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Extract translations from your Aurelia app

Posted on 2019-08-03 in Aurelia • Tagged with JavaScript, TypeScript, Aurelia, i18N

If you use Aurelia with the i18n plugin, you will have to maintain JSON files that will map a translation key to an actual translation. Manually editing the file to add/remove keys can be tedious.

Luckily, keys can be extracted automatically thanks to i18next-scanner. It can extract translation keys …

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