Offline support almost without Javascript

Posted on 2024-02-27 in Programmation • Tagged with PWA, HTML, Javascript

Recently I wandered wether I could build a website with offline support without building a full SPA. The answer is yes it’s doable: you only need Javascript for the service worker. Just for the fun, I also tried it with navigation done with HTMX and without much surprise it …

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Development containers

Posted on 2024-01-02 in Programmation • Tagged with Docker

I recently discovered the dev containers standard (or development containers for long) recently after trying to contribute to a project which had them enabled by default. It seems to be a new standard way to work with containers in development.

The goal is to provide a container you can use …

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Django async

Posted on 2023-12-10 in Programmation • Tagged with Web, Django, Python

Now that Django is fully async (views, middleware and ORM), I though it was a good time to test how it behaves when run asynchronously. I’ll try to keep this article concise with only relevant data and resources. Code can be seen in a sample project so you can …

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Writing RSS reading app with various frontend frameworks

Posted on 2023-09-09 in Programmation • Tagged with Web, Javascript, Typescript, React, Angular, Svelte, Vue

During the summer, I decided to test a few frontend framework to see what’s going on in this space and form a better opinions over alternatives to React. I tested Svelte because after hearing from it I felt attracted to it, Vue because it is popular, React to have …

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My opinion after testing some AI code assistant

Posted on 2023-08-21 in Programmation • Tagged with AI

With all the hype around AI and since I had time to spare, I decided to test some AI coding assistants to make my own opinion about them. I'll start by giving my opinion on each assistant I tried. I will be a bit fuzzy since I didn't intend to …

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My opinion on enums in TypeScript

Posted on 2023-08-18 in Programmation • Tagged with TypeScript

Today I'd like to dig a bit on enums in TypeScript and their potential alternatives. For this, I'll be using the playground and TypeScript 5.1.6 (latest released version when I am writing this). I expect you to know what enums are and to be comfortable in TypeScript.

Let's …

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Exploring a weird HTTP issues

Posted on 2022-05-04 in Programmation • Tagged with Python, Django, nginx, GCP, devops

Today I'd like to explain how I tried to solve a weird HTTP issues that I found at work. I hope you will find the method and the trials I used the useful/interesting if/when you will encounter something similar.

The issue was this: I needed to dynamically generate …

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Create test environments in Kubernetes

Posted on 2022-02-20 in Programmation • Tagged with Devops, Kubernetes

Context and possible solutions

If you are working …

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Yarn workspaces and mono repos

Posted on 2022-02-06 in Programmation • Tagged with Devops, JavaScript

I currently work in a small startup with two other developers. We have three projects: an API written in Python with the Django web framework, a big React app and a website written with NextJS. All these project are in the same git repository. This allows us to easily share …

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Shutdown Kubernetes

Posted on 2022-01-30 in Programmation • Tagged with Devops, Kubernetes

It can be a good idea to shutdown part of your infrastructure when you don't need it. It will help you reduce costs and your environmental impact. It is however, not always easy to actually do it.

In this article, I'll talk here about how to shutdown a Kubernetes based …

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