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  1. Why you probably want to make a SPA

    I am currently working professionally on a website that is not a SPA. I'd like to rely on this experience to explain the pain points I encounter in the hope to convince you to build a SPA from scratch on you next project.

    First, I'll discuss some arguments you may …

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  2. Deploy to your test server with git hooks

    You probably already wanted to have your own test environment to allow others in the company to tests what you did. Perhaps you have a common one, but as your team is growing, it is probable that the common environment is a bottleneck and you wish each developer could have …

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  3. Run multiple docker daemons on the same host

    Today I am going to explain how you can run multiple docker daemons on the same host. This can be useful if you want several users to use docker and want each of them to be isolated from one another (ie don't see images, containers, … of other users). The solution …

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  4. Use Unix sockets with Docker

    By default, you are supposed to use TCP sockets to communicate with your applications running in Docker. But what if you want to use Unix sockets instead? The answer is you can: you make the application create the socket file in a volume and set the proper permissions to it …

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  5. Utiliser istanbul pour voir le code coverage de tests lancés avec protractor

    Récemment j'ai eu besoin d'avoir du code coverage (assuré par istanbul) pour des tests d'intégration d'une application AngularJS. Ces tests sont lancés avec protractor et ce n'est pas aussi simple qu'il n'y parait. L'idée de base est :

    • D'associer une fonction à la clé onPrepare dans la configuration de protractor. Dans …
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