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  1. Use Unix sockets with Docker

    By default, you are supposed to use TCP sockets to communicate with your applications running in Docker. But what if you want to use Unix sockets instead? The answer is you can: you make the application create the socket file in a volume and set the proper permissions to it …

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  2. Use docker to deploy a Glassfish application

    Recently I had to deploy an application on Glassfish. Since Glassfish is not packaged on the distribution I have on my server (Fedora Server) and I wanted to avoid to pollute my system I decided to use Docker.

    In order to deploy my application correctly, I based my Dockerfile on …

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  3. Connect to a running docker container

    Wed 25 March 2015 | tags: Docker

    If you are running docker 1.3 or above, you should use: docker exec -it CONTAINER COMMAND to run COMMAND within the container. You can easily create a function to ease the thing and run bash by default:

    dk-enter() {
        docker exec -it "$1" "${2:-/bin/bash}"

    Otherwies, you can easily …

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